Euroterm offer you ESK 2.5  full - plate ultrasonic welded solar collector:

  • High quality with affordable and attractive price.
  • Unique product, with optimize design
  • Tested by SPF Institute, Switzerland
  • Solar Keymark certificate isued by DIN CERTCO (TÜV), Germany
  • Bluetec-eta plus selective coating
  • Hecker T-Safe Solarfloat tempered solar glass, low iron content and low emissivity
  • Ultrasonic - welded copper absorbers
  • Profiling of the absorber surface
  • Embossed back side Al - metal sheet and strong aluminum profile
  • Mineral glasswool slab with 50 kg/m3 density, covered by layer of black fiber glass
  • Reliable and tested materials
  • The efficiency of the selective collectors is the highest, commercially accessible for residential types of applications
  • Extraordinary longevity and constant performance data
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Possibilities for delivery collectors or absorbers for OEM partners
  • 10 years warranty


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