Euroterm as a leader in the production of solar collectors with Full Plate technology and ultrasonic welding, is unique manufacturer with Solar Keymark DIN certificate in the region.


Euroterm has the most developed trade network in the field of heating and air-conditioning with its 4 shops in Skopje, Bitola and Prilep, and local distributors in many cities around the country.

The supply of Euroterm are products from renowned brands such Aermec, Dab, Radijator, Sunsistem, Icma, Elbi.


Euroterm with 20 years of experience, is a leader in Macedonia in design and engineering in the field of central air conditioning, heating and ventilation.

The list of references from successfully performed installation consists of a small residential projects, to complex heating and air conditioning systems in hospitals, hotels, industrial plants, shopping centers, banks and other types of commercial buildings.